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Discover the Infinity Rift Meta-Multiverse, an all-encompassing platform that merges virtual and real worlds to provide unparalleled immersive experiences

Introduction to Infinity Rift

The Infinity Rift Meta-Multiverse is a groundbreaking platform that seamlessly fuses virtual and real worlds, delivering unparalleled, immersive experiences. Harnessing cutting-edge technologies and governed by the RIFT DAO, Infinity Rift enables users to engage socially, acquire real products as TNFTs, and redeem Transformational Non-Fungible Tokens (TNFTs) for a diverse array of digital and physical assets.

TNFTs (Transformational Non-Fungible Tokens)

TNFTs are supercharged Phygital assets minted with Meta-Multiverse smart contracts. They provide infinite virtual and real-world redemption capabilities, customization, and interoperability across different game engines, platforms, and blockchain networks.

3D Threadz & INK3D

These software utility-patented virtual-to-real-world visualization, fitment, production, and redemption brands allow users to create and customize virtually tailored TNFT tattoo designs (INK3D) and clothing (3D Threadz) for their TNFT Infinity Avatars. 3D Threadz can even be utilized for upholstery design and fitment as well. The unique TNFT designs can be redeemed in both digital and physical form with the added utility of virtual to real-life custom fitment.

iTNFTs (Intelligent Transformational Non-Fungible Tokens)

iTNFTs interact with generative AI programs to create intelligent minted TNFT assets that are virtual interfaces to generative AI. These assets offer remarkable user experiences and interactions within the Infinity Rift Meta-Multiverse.


ARIA AI, a hyper-realistic virtual AI assistant named Aria Nova, as the world’s first iTNFT Aria offers users personalized, accurate, and engaging assistance. Aria Nova’s comprehensive expertise, personalization, and cross-disciplinary knowledge enhance users’ experiences within the Meta-Multiverse and provides an innovative virtual interface to various generative AI programs.


The RIFT dApp serves as the central hub for the TNFT asset ecosystem within the Meta-Multiverse. It facilitates the creation and redemption of TNFT, iTNFT, and IDT assets, while also enabling users to participate in RIFT DAO governance using their IDTs and TNFT Infinity Avatars.

IDTs (Identity Tokens)

IDTs are minted through the RIFT dApp’s 0xKYC universal KYC process and are linked to users’ TNFT Infinity Avatars. IDTs function as the user’s digital identity within the Meta-Multiverse, granting access to KYC-only Meta-Node dApp access points, enabling participation in RIFT DAO governance, and providing a capability for users to stake and monetize their usage data.


The RIFT DAO is a decentralized governance model that empowers users with IDTs paired to their TNFT Infinity Avatars to participate in shaping the future of the Infinity Rift Meta-Multiverse.

Infinity City

Infinity City is a virtual, expansive, and interactive metropolis that serves as a hub for social, commercial, and virtual governance activities within the Infinity Rift Meta-Multiverse.

Meta-Node dApps

Meta-Node dApps act as onboarding mechanisms, bridging existing and future games or Metaverses from any platform, game engine, or blockchain into the Infinity Rift Meta-Multiverse ecosystem. Entrepreneurs or companies wanting to create virtual stores or provide unprecedented capabilities to star in your own film via Wonder Studio integration will also be Meta-Node utilities.

Meta-Multiverse Ecosystem

The Meta-Multiverse Ecosystem encompasses the entire Infinity Rift project, providing a web3 browser for an interconnected environment of various virtual world’s providing a means to bridge the gap between all games or Metaverses with cross-platform integration, decentralized governance, interoperability, tokenization, a dynamic creator economy, and social interaction.


The Infinity Rift project is an ambitious endeavor that aims to provide a complete solution to the Open Metaverse initiative and transform digital engagement by offering an extensive Meta-Multiverse ecosystem filled with unique assets, immersive experiences, and decentralized governance. By empowering individuals and fostering innovation, collaboration, and interconnectedness, Infinity Rift sets a new paradigm for the future of the Metaverse.
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