Our Features

The Infinity Rift project ambitiously aims to create an interconnected, inclusive, and dynamic Meta-Multiverse.

Concise Overview of our Key Features

TNFTs (Transformational Non-Fungible Tokens)

  • Unlimited virtual and real-world redemption options
  • Upgradable Meta-Multiverse Smart Contract to add new features
  • Customizable attribute locks and allowances when minting and utilization
  • Cross-compatibility among game engines, platforms, and blockchain networks
  • TNFTs and Meta-Nodes’ Meta-Multiverse smart contracts build the Meta-Multiverse

3D Threadz and INK3D

  • Patented virtual-to-real-world visualization, fitment, production, and redemption for TNFT clothing, upholstery, and tattoo designs

iTNFTs (Intelligent Transformational Non-Fungible Tokens)

  • Intelligent minted TNFT assets
  • Utilization of generative AI programs

ARIA AI - Unlock the Infinite: Revolutionizing Access to Generative AI

  • Hyper-realistic virtual assistant
  • Over 2000 expertly pre-engineered prompts
  • Engaging and friendly persona
  • Comprehensive expertise
  • Personalization capabilities
  • Wide-ranging knowledge across disciplines
  • ChatGPT Plug-in integration
  • Integration with other generative AI services


  • Creation and management of TNFT, iTNFT, and IDT assets
  • IDT utilization for RIFT DAO governance
  • TNFT Infinity Avatar digital twin creation


  • Decentralized governance structure for the Meta-Multiverse
  • Community engaging roles and responsibilities
  • Structured as a non-profit parent company to Infinity Rift LLC

Meta-Node dApps - Metaverse decentralized applications

  • Meta-Multiverse entry mechanisms
  • Bridging present and future games or Metaverses across platform, game engine, and blockchains

Infinity City - The First Meta-Node dApp

  • Social and commercial hub of the Meta-Multiverse and the first Meta-Node dApp
  • Infinity Rift Metaverse starting with Infinity City and expanding infinitely according to the RIFT DAO proposals and respective voting.
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