Decentralized Governance

Empowering Infinity City Citizens to Govern the Meta-Multiverse

Decentralized governance lies at the heart of the Infinity Rift Meta-Multiverse Ecosystem, enabling a community-driven approach to decision-making and management. By empowering users to participate in the governance process, the Infinity Rift fosters a sense of ownership and accountability, ensuring that the Meta-Multiverse remains responsive to the needs and preferences of its users.
The RIFT DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governance structure is designed to promote inclusivity, transparency, and adaptability within the Meta-Multiverse ecosystem. As a soon to be setup non-profit company RIFT DAO will own and control Infinity Rift LLC, the operational anchor company. All profits from Infinity Rift LLC will flow to the RIFT DAO treasury on a quarterly basis with public reporting, enabling the community to vote on fund allocations for various projects and initiatives.
The governance structure consists of the following elements:
  1. IDT (Identity Token) paired with the TNFT (Transformational Non-Fungible Token) Infinity Avatar serves as the governance token, allowing holders to participate in the decision-making process.
  2. 10,000 TNFT Infinity Avatar and IDT whitelist pre-sale, with committee seats distributed among the seven districts of Infinity City, the social and commercial hub of the Meta-Multiverse, ensuring balanced representation of diverse interests and activities.

The RIFT DAO comprises committee members from each of the seven districts, each focusing on a specific domain:

  1. Finance District: Focuses on financial matters.
  2. Innovation District: Supports education, growth, and innovation within the community.
  3. Design District: Promotes artistic expression and collaboration in Infinity City.
  4. Business District: Works towards creating a thriving business environment within the Meta-Multiverse.
  5. Sports & Entertainment District: Promotes and supports various entertainment options and initiatives.
  6. Well-Being District: Advocates for the overall health and well-being of Infinity City and the Meta-Multiverse’s inhabitants.
  7. Infinity Central: Fosters a vibrant and engaging environment for all community members.

RIFT tokens are strictly utility tokens within the Meta-Multiverse ecosystem, available at launch for immediate use. The RIFT dApp allows users to create, manage, and redeem their TNFT assets, ensuring a seamless user experience. The RIFT DAO’s governance model enables the community to vote on the allocation of funds for various initiatives, such as Meta-Multiverse expansion, creator economy support, education and training, charitable initiatives, infrastructure development, and environmental sustainability. The RIFT DAO’s impact extends beyond the Meta-Multiverse, promoting digital inclusion, social impact, and economic development throughout web3 and into the real-world with global community initiatives.

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